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Akitoshi Tamura (born May 31, 1980) is a Japanese mixed martial artist. He competed almost exclusively in the Shooto organization, before making his debut at the WEC 37. In 2007, he was the lightweight champion of Shooto. He was once ranked as the #5 Bantamweight in the world by the MMAWeekly Worldwide Ranking System. Tamura is a freestyle fighter.


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Mixed martial arts career

Tamura made his professional debut in the Shooto organization in a fight against Eiji Murayama, in August 2001, and lost on a technical decision (he later returned to face Murayama in 2004, only for the match to end in a draw). He has made MMA headlines when he defeated Takeshi Inoue in 2007, which won him the title of Shooto lightweight champion. He has also participated in GCM and MARS events, achieving a TKO over Masaomi Saito in the former, and a first round submission over Ian Loveland in the latter.

Akitoshi Tamura made his WEC debut at WEC 37. Although Akitoshi had a reputation of being one of the world's best in his weight class, he lost to former IFL featherweight champion Wagnney Fabiano, for whom it was also his WEC debut. For his next fight, Tamura made his 135 lb. debut in the bantamweight division at WEC 40 against former world title challenger Manny Tapia. Tamura defeated Tapia by unanimous decision. He was scheduled to fight Damacio Page on October 10, 2009 at WEC 43, but pulled out with an undisclosed injury. He was replaced in the bout by WEC newcomer Will Campuzano.

Tamura was defeated by WEC veteran Charlie Valencia via split decision on January 10, 2010 at WEC 46.

Lethwei bout

Tamura is also noted for competing in a lethwei tournament on July 10 & 11, 2004 between four Japanese fighters (Tamura, Yoshitaro Niimi, Takeharu Yamamoto and Naruji Wakasugi) and four locals. Tamura knocked out local fighter Aya Bo Sein in the second round to become the first foreigner to beat a lethwei practitioner in an official match.

Mixed martial arts record

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