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Diana Lee Inosanto (born May 29, 1966) is an American actress, stuntwoman, and martial artist, sometimes credited as D. Lee Inosanto.


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Personal life

Inosanto was born in Torrance, California and was raised in Carson, California and later, Harbor City, California, where she attended Narbonne High School. Her father is Dan Inosanto and she is married to fellow martial-artist Ron Balicki.

Martial artist

Inosanto grew up surrounded by the martial arts world, studying many forms including Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts which she learned from her father, Dan Inosanto, a student of Jeet Kune Do founder Bruce Lee, who also was her godfather. She has appeared on the cover of numerous martial arts magazines including Black Belt Magazine, Martial Arts, Inside Karate, Self Defense and Inside Kung Fu. Diana was named Woman of the year by Black Belt Magazine in 2009.

Film career

Movies and television work includes

On the beach, 2004.
  • Spy (2015) (Martial Arts Trainer - Melissa McCarthy)
  • "I, Frankenstein" (2012) (Martial Arts Trainer - Aaron Eckhart / Socratis Otto)
  • "Hirokin" (2010) (Assistant Stunt Coordinator)
  • "Sinners and Saints" (2010) (Co-Producer / Assistant Stunt Coordinator)
  • "The Sensei" (2008) (Director) (Producer) (Actress)
  • "The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift" (2006) (Actress)
  • "Rent" (2005) (Actress)
  • "The Prodigy" (2006) (Actress) (Associate Producer)
  • "The Vault" (2005) (Actress)
  • "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" (2004) (Fight Choreography)
  • "Star Trek: Enterprise" (2003) (2004) (2005) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Hulk" (2003) (Actress)
  • "Fist of Cheese" (2004) TV Series (Assistant Stunt Coordinator) (Associate Producer)
  • "The Time Machine" (2002) (Actress)
  • "On Sundays " - (Co Producer) (2002)
  • "A Ribbon of Dreams" (2002) (Associate Producer)
  • "Life Streams" (2000) (Actress) (Co Producer)
  • "Modern Warriors" (2000) Herself
  • "Blade" (2000) (Stunts)
  • "Mystery Men" (1999) (Stunts)
  • "Wild Wild West" (1999) (Stunts)
  • "Red Corner" (1999) (Stunts)
  • "The Patriot" (1998) (Stunts)
  • "Face/Off" (1997) (Stunts)
  • "The Roseanne Show" (1998) TV Series (Stunt Actress)
  • "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1996) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Spy Game" (1997) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Barb Wire" (1996) (Stunts)
  • "MTV New Edition Music Video "Hit Me Off" - (Stunts) (1996)
  • "10-8: Officers on Duty" (2003) TV Series (Stunts)
  • "Black Scorpion" (1999) (Stunts)
  • "MADtv" (2001) (Actress)
  • "The Last Man on Planet Earth" (1999) (Stunts)
  • "Team Knight Rider" (1998) (Actress)
  • "Walker, Texas Ranger" (1998) (Stunts)
  • "Moonlighting" (1988) (Actress)

Theatre work

Inosanto is active in Southern California theatre, as a member of the Asian American theatre group, Lodestone Theatre Ensemble. In 2008 she worked with East West Players, serving as Martial Arts Choreographer on the world premiere of Dan Kwong's play Be Like Water.

External links

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  • Inosanto May 2008 interview on The Evening Class
  • The Sensei May 2008 profile by Philip W. Chung on AsianWeek

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