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Farid Villaume (born February 10, 1975), is a French Muay Thai kickboxer, having won world titles in different boxes fists feet.


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Biography and career


Farid Villaume is a boxer who has adapted remarkably well to the style Muaythai which is not the case for many European nakmuay who often have a style of boxing for the fists. His boxing is fine and precise, it is well known for placing his shots rather than being a puncher. It can be considered as one of the best French stylists, an example in terms of technics. He is particularly fond of boxing with elbows.

He is the most talented Muaythai fighter the country has produced since the legendary Dany Bill.

Farid had the privilege to train as a child with Thai instructors such as Lom Isarn, Lamkong or Soudareth. This is probably why Villaume is one of the few foreigners to fight exactly like a Thai.

Villaume stands at 1m80 for 72 kg. Father of Corsican and Moroccan mother, he has been training Muaythai since the age of 16.

Early career

It counts more than 100 fights for more than 100 wins (including more than 80 by knockout), 7 defeats and 2 draws. Farid Villaume fought in Muaythai and Kickboxing.

After two years out of the ring, Villaume returned to face Antuan Siangboxing at Best of Siam 2 in Paris on November 22, 2012 only to lose on points.

Titles and achievements


  • 2009 WAKO Pro World Muaythai Champion
  • 2009 WFKB World Muaythai Champion
  • 2006 A1 World Combat Cup Champion
  • 2004 WMC World Muaythai Champion
  • 2004 EMF European Muaythai Champion
  • 2003 S1 World Muaythai Championship Runner Up
  • 2003 MTA World Muaythai Champion
  • 2001 WMTC World Muaythai Champion
  • 1998 IFMA World Amateur Muaythai Champion
  • 1998 French Muaythai Champion
  • 1997 French Muaythai Champion

Kickboxing record

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