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Arts and sciences

  • James Thompson (poet) (1700–1748), Scottish poet and playwright
  • James Thompson (cartographer) (active 1785), who produced one of the first maps of York
  • James Thompson (journalist) (1817–1877), journalist and local historian
  • James Maurice Thompson (1844–1901), American novelist
  • Uncle Jimmy Thompson (1848–1931), country music pioneer
  • James Westfall Thompson (1869–1941), American historian
  • Jim Thompson (writer) (1906–1977), American author and screenwriter, known for his pulp crime fiction
  • James D. Thompson (1920–1973), American sociologist, author of Organizations in Action
  • Jimmy Thompson (actor) (1925–2005), British actor
  • James R. Thompson, Jr. (born 1936), known as J.R. Thompson, former director of NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center, 1986–1989
  • James Thompson (author) (1964–2014), American-Finnish crime writer
  • James Thompson (designer) (born 1966), Northern Irish inventor and patent holder in the airline seating industry
  • Jamie Thompson, Canadian musician


  • James Pyke Thompson (1846–1897), English corn merchant and philanthropist
  • James Walter Thompson (1847–1928), American advertiser and namesake of the JWT advertising agency
  • Jim Thompson (designer) (born 1906-disappeared 1967), revived the Thai silk industry
  • James E. Thompson (born 1940), founder, chairman and chief executive of The Crown Worldwide Group


  • James Thompson (VC) (1830–1891), recipient of the Victoria Cross
  • James Thompson of brothers Allen and James Thompson (1849–1921), American Civil War soldier and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Floyd James Thompson (1933–2002), America's longest-held POW; spent almost 9 years in POW camps in Vietnam


  • James Thompson (jurist) (1806–1874), congressman and Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania
  • James Thompson (American politician), candidate in Kansas in 2017
  • James Thompson (Australian politician), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, 1856–1857
  • James Banford Thompson (1832–1901), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly, 1877–1881
  • James G. Thompson (New York) (born 1829), New York politician
  • James Thompson (civil servant) (1848–1929), Acting Governor of Madras
  • James T. Thompson, Mayor of Birkenhead, England, circa 1899
  • James A. Thompson (Brooklyn) (c. 1873 – 1923), New York state senator
  • James Frederick Thompson (1884–1966), member of the New Zealand Legislative Council
  • James R. Thompson, Jr. (born 1936), known as Jim Thompson, governor of Illinois and member of the 9/11 Commission
  • James A. Thompson, mayor of Sugar Land, Texas
  • James F. Thompson, United States government official


  • James Thompson (martyr) (died 1582), Catholic priest hanged under Elizabeth I
  • James Thompson (pastor) (1788–1854), Scottish Baptist pastor and translator
  • James Denton Thompson (1856–1924), Bishop of Sodor and Man
  • Jim Thompson (bishop) (1936–2003), Anglican bishop of Stepney and Bath and Wells

Sports and games

  • James Thompson (chess player) (1804–1870), American chess master
  • James Thompson (footballer) (1898–1984), English footballer, manager and scout
  • James Thompson (swimmer) (1906–1966), Canadian swimmer at the 1928 Olympics
  • James Thompson (racing driver) (born 1974), English racing driver
  • James Thompson (fighter) (born 1978), professional mixed martial arts fighter from Britain
  • James Thompson (rower) (born 1986), South African rower
  • J. B. Thompson (James Bogne Thompson, 1829–1877), co-creator of the laws of Australian rules football
  • Jimmy Thompson (footballer, born 1899), English footballer
  • Jimmy Thompson (footballer, born 1935), English footballer
  • Jimmy Thompson (footballer, born 1943), English footballer (Grimsby Town)
  • Jimmy Thompson (rugby league) (born 1948), British rugby league footballer
  • Jim Thompson (powerboat racing) (born 1926), manager of three-time Harmsworth Trophy winner Miss Supertest III
  • Jim Thompson (coach), (born 1949) founder and executive director of Positive Coaching Alliance and author
  • Jim Thompson (rugby union) (born 1984), Scottish rugby union player


  • Jimmy Thompson (executioner), Mississippi executioner active from 1940 to 1950
  • James Richard "Ricky" Thompson Jr., perpetrator of the murder of John Goosey and Stacy Barnett (West Campus murders)

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