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  • John Lewis Partnership, a United Kingdom employee-owned retailer
    • John Lewis (department store), a chain of department stores in Great Britain


  • USNS John Lewis (T-AO-205) - lead ship of a new class of US military tankers, named for the civil rights activist



  • John Lewis (brewer) (1713–1792), British brewer
  • John Lewis (department store founder) (1836–1928), draper and founder of the John Lewis department store
  • John Spedan Lewis (1885–1963), his son, industrial democracy pioneer, founder of the John Lewis Partnership


  • John Lewis (antiquarian) (1675–1747), English clergyman
  • John Lewis (Archbishop of Ontario) (1825–1901), Anglican bishop, archbishop and author in Canada
  • John Lewis (Bishop of North Queensland) (born 1926), Australian Anglican bishop
  • John Lewis (Archdeacon of Cheltenham) (born 1934), English Anglican priest
  • John Lewis (Dean of Llandaff) (born 1947), Welsh Anglican priest
  • John Lewis (Archdeacon of Hereford) (1909–1984), Anglican priest
  • John Lewis (philosopher) (1889–1976), British Unitarian minister and Marxist philosopher
  • John Lewis (Superior, Jesuit missions) (1768), Jesuit superior of missions in Maryland and Pennsylvania


United Kingdom

  • John Lewis (of Abernant) (born 1580–c. 1656), Welsh MP
  • John Lewis (MP) (1738–1797), Welsh MP for New Radnor
  • John Lewis (British politician) (1912–1969), British Labour Party MP, 1945–1951
  • John Delaware Lewis (1828–1884), English Liberal Party MP
  • John Harvey Lewis (1814–1888), Irish-born lawyer and Liberal MP
  • J. H. Lewis (John H. Lewis, 1908-1976), English landowner and councilor


  • John Lewis (Canadian politician) (1804–?), judge and politician in New Brunswick
  • John Lewis (Canadian senator) (1858–1935), newspaper editor and senator
  • John Lewis (Newfoundland politician) (1867–1922), politician in Newfoundland
  • John Bower Lewis (1817–1874), politician in Ottawa

United States

  • John Lewis (fl. 1831), Native American leader of the Shawnee in Lewistown, Ohio
  • John Lewis (Georgia politician) (born 1940), civil rights activist and member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Georgia
  • John Lewis (California politician) (born 1954), politician in California
  • John Lewis (Arizona politician) (born 1957), politician in Gilbert, Arizona
  • John F. Lewis (1818–1895), United States Senator from Virginia
  • John H. Lewis (1830–1929), U.S. Representative from Illinois
  • John L. Lewis (1880–1969), labor leader
  • John L. Lewis (New Orleans) (1800–1886), mayor of New Orleans
  • John P. Lewis (1921–2010), presidential advisor
  • John W. Lewis (1841–1913), U.S. Representative from Kentucky
  • John W. Lewis, Jr. (1906–1977), Illinois Secretary of State
  • John Wood Lewis, Sr. (1801–1865), Confederate States of America Senator, antebellum South Carolina politician
  • John Lewis (Montana politician) (born 1978), politician in Montana

Science and education

  • John T. Lewis (1932–2004), Welsh mathematical physicist
  • John S. Lewis (born 1941), professor of planetary science at the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Laboratory
  • John Lewis (headmaster) (born 1942), New Zealand former headmaster of Eton College
  • John David Lewis (1955–2012), American political scientist, historian and objectivist scholar
  • John Lewis (educator) (fl. 2008), American computer science educator and author'
  • John Wilson Lewis (1930–2017), American political scientist


  • John Goulstone Lewis (1859–1935), Welsh international rugby union player
  • John Henry Lewis (1914–1974), boxer and former world Light Heavyweight champion
  • Buddy Lewis (John Kelly Lewis, 1916–2011), baseball player
  • John Lewis (footballer, born 1881) (1881–1954), Welsh international football player
  • John Lewis (footballer, born 1954), English football player for Orient
  • John Lewis (footballer, born 1955), Welsh football player and manager
  • John Lewis (footballer, born 1953), Australian rules footballer for Fitzroy
  • John Lewis (footballer, born 1949), Australian rules footballer for Hawthorn
  • John Lewis (referee) (1855–1926), English football player, administrator, referee and co-founder of Blackburn Rovers F.C
  • Lenell John-Lewis (born 1989), English footballer


  • John Lewis (pianist) (1920–2001), American jazz pianist and composer with Modern Jazz Quartet
  • Jona Lewie (born 1947 as John Lewis), British singer and multi-instrumentalist
  • John Lewis (musician), British musician

Other people

  • John Frederick Lewis (1805–1876), orientalist English painter
  • John Lewis (criminal) (died 1910), American gangster from New York City, known as Spanish Louie
  • John Taylor Lewis (1894–1983), United States Army officer
  • John Lewis (Australian politician) (1844–1923), South Australian pastoralist and politician
  • John Lewis (typographer) (1912–1988), British typographer and illustrator

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