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Liu Hailong (Chinese: 柳海龙, pinyin: Liǔ Hǎilóng, born May 30, 1981 in Shandong Province) is a Chinese Sanshou kickboxer. Liu's rise to fame came in 2000 in the inaugural King of Sanda tournament. Liu not only won his weight class, but went on to win a grueling one-night open weight round robin tournament against much bigger fighters as well, giving him the title Sanda "King of Kings". Exciting and charismatic, Liu is almost certainly China's most recognized combat athlete.

In 2003, Liu faced a fellow King of Sanda in Yuan Yubao in the promotion's first "superfight", defeating him soundly by decision to earn the title of "Super King of Sanda".

At the Sanshou World Championships in Macau, Liu faced Muslim Salihov in amateur rules competition and beat him on points to win the 80kg division gold medal. Salihov is a highly accomplished Russian Sanshou fighter who would later become a King of Sanda himself. Some fight observers believe Salihov won the closely contested match.

In December 2003, Liu scored a unanimous decision over Eduardo Fujihara to claim the IKF Sanshou World Championship. Other Chinese fighters who participated in that event include Bao Li Gao.

At the World Sanda Kings tournament in 2003 there was a challenge issued by well-known American Sanshou fighter Cung Le to Liu Hailong for a ``superfight`` to decide who was the best in the world. However the highly anticipated matchup never materialized between the two sides.

After an injury in 2005, Liu retired from the sport. In 2009, he made a comeback facing and KOing Japanese fighter Iga Koji.


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Championships and awards

  • Chinese Sanda King Tournament
    • 2003 Chinese Sanda King of Super Championship
    • 2003 Chinese Sanda King Championship
    • 2002 Chinese Sanda King of Super Championship
    • 2000 Chinese Sanda King Championship
  • IKF Sanshou World Championships
    • IKF Sanshou World Championships -80kg Championship
  • World Wushu Championships
    • 2003 World Wushu Championships Gold Medalist Gold
  • Sanda World Cup
    • 2004 Sanda World Cup Gold Medalist Gold
    • 2002 Sanda World Cup Gold Medalist Gold
  • Chinese Sanda Championships
    • 2004 Chinese Sanda Championships -80kg Championship
    • 2003 Chinese Sanda Champion Championships -80kg Championship
    • 2002 Chinese Sanda Championships -80kg Championship
    • 2001 The 9th National Games Sanda -75kg Championship
    • 2000 Chinese Sanda Championships -75kg Championship
    • 2000 Chinese Sanda Group Championships 75–80kg Championship


  • He-Man (2011)
  • All Men Are Brothers (TV series) (2011)
  • Police Story 2013 (2013)

External links

  • 柳海龙 (Liu Hailong)

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