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Masaaki Satake (佐竹 雅昭, Satake Masaaki, born August 17, 1965) is a Japanese former super heavyweight karateka, kickboxer, professional wrestler and mixed martial artist. He was one of the pioneering heavyweight fighters in K-1, after being a member of Kazuyoshi Ishii's Seido-Kaikan school and organization.


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He represented the Seido-Kaikan organization in numerous Karate tournaments, winning most of them. After Kazuyoshi Ishii formed K-1, he became an active competitor there, with numerous victories.

He also participated in numerous shootfighting bouts in the RINGS Fighting Network, as well as sanctioned MMA bouts in PRIDE and in Antonio Inoki's Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye events.

Professional wrestling career

Fighting Network RINGS (1991-1992)

Satake debuted in professional wrestling in shoot-style promotion Fighting Network RINGS. Wearing the style's signature tights and kneebots, he had a draw against Hans Nijman as his first match. He would went to face Gerard Gordeau in his second match, but the bout ended in a no contest when Gordeau, after received a kick to the back from Satake while he was turned away, shot on him and attacked him with punches and knees causing a brawl. Satake also had matches against Willie Peeters, Herman Renting and Maurice Smith.

He participated in the Mega Battle Tournament 1992, eliminating Mitsuya Nagai in the first round, but he had to retire due to an injury suffered while training.

WRESTLE-1 (2002-2003)

Through 2002 and 2003, Satake did appearances for the first WRESTLE-1 event, promoted by All Japan Pro Wrestling and K-1. Going under the ring name of SATA...yarn and wearing military garments, he wrestled Abdullah the Butcher twice, being defeated in both.

Mixed martial arts career

Satake made his transition to mixed martial arts for Pride Fighting Championships in 2000. At 34 years old, Satake was considered too passed his prime to perform adequately in Pride, but he sought to defy critics and joined the Takada Dojo, where he trained under Kazushi Sakuraba. He was selected as a participant to the Pride Grand Prix 2000, in which he tried to set up by trash-talking a match against world judo medalist Naoya Ogawa, but he was pitted instead against Ultimate Fighting Championship veteran and eventual tournament winner Mark Coleman. Masaaki would lose the fight, being taken down with ease by the American wrestler and submitted via neck crank.

His second fight would be a non-tournament against former Pancrase fighter Guy Mezger. Satake successfully resisted Mezger's repeated takedown attempts during the first round, but at the second he would be taken down and controlled for another unanimous decision loss.

At Pride 10, Satake had his first victory against professional wrestler and judo specialist Kazunari Murakami. During the match, Murakami took down and mounted Satake, but the karate champion resisted. Satake eventually fell on top of Murakami during a scramble and landed ground and pound for the doctor stoppage. After the match, Murakami's teammate Naoya Ogawa came and traded heated words with Satake.

There were talks about a possible match with Ogawa, but they were shut off due to Ogawa's ongoing match against Rickson Gracie. However, Ogawa ended up accepting the fight and it was scheduled to happen in Pride 11. Satake lasted until the second round and marked his opponent's leg with low kicks, but the judo champion managed to get Masaaki on the ground and submit him by rear naked choke.

Satake was pitted in Pride 13 against retired sumo and professional wrestler Tadao Yasuda. Heavily outweighted, Satake was constantly driven against the ropes by his adversary, which impeded him from landing solid shots. At the end, the unanimous decision was given to Yasuda for controlling the fight. For the rest of 2001, Satake would fight important strikers, like Igor Vovchanchyn, Semmy Schilt and Sam Greco, losing to the two first and drawing with the third.

In 2002, Masaaki fought Quinton "Rampage" Jackson at Pride 20. The fight looked to be slow, but Jackson walked through Satake's punches and threw him down with a powerslam, following with multiples knees and punches from dominant positions. Satake absorbed the damage and eventually managed to stand, but then Jackson grabbed his waist and executed a German suplex, making Satake land right on top of his head. The fight was stopped with a TKO win for Rampage while Satake was carried to the hospital, where it was diagnosed a cracked skull and a gravely injured neck.

Satake's last fight was a bout against judo gold medalist Hidehiko Yoshida in Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye 2000, in which he fell to a guillotine choke.


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