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  • Michael Brown Okinawa assault incident, 2002 incident in which an American Marine was convicted of assault
  • Shooting of Michael Brown, 2014 incident in which a man was shot and killed by a police officer in Ferguson, Missouri


  • Michael Brown (rock musician) (1949–2015), American keyboardist-songwriter
  • Mike Brown (producer) (born 1980), American music producer, engineer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and founder of Temperamental Recordings
  • Mike Brown, saxophonist of Streetlight Manifesto


  • Michael Brown (British politician) (born 1951), former British Conservative MP, now a political journalist
  • Michael Brown (fraudster) (born 1966), Scottish businessman convicted of perjury, who donated money to the Liberal Democrats
  • Michael Brown (mayor), current mayor of Grand Forks, North Dakota
  • Michael Brown (Michigan politician), Flint City administrator and temporary mayor
  • Michael A. Brown (Washington, D.C. politician) (born 1965), Former At-Large Member of the Council of the District of Columbia
  • Michael A. Brown (born 1950), Canadian Liberal politician, former Speaker of the Ontario legislature
  • Michael D. Brown (born 1954), head of FEMA, 2003–2005; resigned after Hurricane Katrina
  • Michael Donald Brown (born 1953), shadow senator for the District of Columbia
  • Michael J. Brown (born 1941), Illinois state representative and businessman


  • Michael E. Brown (born 1965), Caltech professor of astronomy and the discoverer of the dwarf planets Eris, Haumea, and Makemake
  • Michael Brown (physician) (1931–1993), British physician, Director of Army Medicine and Physician to the Queen
  • Michael Stuart Brown (born 1941), Nobel Prize-winning biologist
  • Michael F. Brown, professor of chemistry


American football

  • Mike Brown (American football executive) (born 1935), owner of the Cincinnati Bengals American football team
  • Mike Brown (safety) (born 1978), American football safety
  • Mike Brown (wide receiver) (born 1989), American football wide receiver

Association football

  • Michael Brown (footballer, born 1951), Welsh football centre back
  • Michael Brown (footballer, born 1977), English football player for Port Vale F.C.
  • Michael Brown (footballer, born 1984), Australian football player for Airdrie United
  • Michael Brown (footballer, born 1985), English footballer, formerly played for Chester City

Australian rules football

  • Michael Brown (Australian rules footballer) (born 1976), Australian rules footballer


  • Mike Brown (outfielder) (born 1959), former Major League Baseball outfielder for Pittsburgh Pirates and California Angels, 1983–1988
  • Mike Brown (pitcher) (born 1959), former starting pitcher in Major League Baseball for Boston Red Sox, 1982–1986 and Seattle Mariners, 1987


  • Mike Brown (basketball, born 1963), retired American professional basketball player and assistant coach
  • Mike Brown (basketball, born 1970), American basketball associate head coach

Ice hockey

  • Mike Brown (ice hockey, born 1957), American defenseman drafted by the New York Rangers in the 1977 NHL Amateur Draft
  • Mike Brown (ice hockey, born 1979), Canadian forward for Chicago Blackhawks, Vancouver Canucks and Anaheim Ducks, 1999–2006
  • Mike Brown (ice hockey, born 1981), Canadian goaltender, 2002–03 NCAA All-American West First Team with Ferris State University
  • Mike Brown (ice hockey, born 1985), American forward with Montreal Canadiens

Other sports

  • Michael Brown (canoeist) (born 1937), Canadian sprint canoer
  • Michael Brown (cricketer) (born 1980), English cricketer
  • Mike Brown (fighter) (born 1975), American mixed martial arts fighter
  • Mike Brown (motorcyclist) (born 1972), American national champion motocross racer
  • Mike Brown (rugby union) (born 1985), English rugby union player
  • Mike Brown (swimmer) (born 1984), Canadian Olympic swimmer

Other fields

  • Michael Brown (City Year) (born 1960), co-founder and CEO of City Year, an education-focused, nonprofit organization
  • Michael Brown (historian) (born 1965), Scottish historian
  • Michael Brown (physicist), previous Vice-Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University, Liverpool, England
  • Michael Brown (priest) (1915–2004), Archdeacon of Nottingham from 1960 to 1977
  • Mike Brown (transport executive), Commissioner of Transport for London
  • Michael Brown (Dean of Wellington), Dean of Saint Paul's Cathedral, Wellington, also Archdeacon of Rangiora
  • Michael Brown (writer) (1920–2014), American author of children's books
  • G. Michael Brown, lawyer and former New Jersey gaming regulator
  • Michael Christopher Brown (born 1970), American photographer
  • Michael E. Brown (professor) (born 1954), international affairs professor
  • Michael Glyn Brown (1957–2013), hand surgeon
  • Michael L. Brown (born 1955), conservative American Messianic Jewish radio host, author, Old Testament scholar
  • Michael Napier Brown (1937–2016), British actor, theatre director and playwright
  • Michael Ealy (Michael Brown, born 1973), American actor
  • Michael Barratt Brown (1918–2015), British economist, political activist and adult educator
  • Michael Lawrence Brown (born 1968), American lawyer
  • Michael Brown (film director) (born 1978), American documentary filmmaker

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