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Noboru Asahi (朝日 昇, Asahi Noboru, born January 5, 1968) is a Japanese retired mixed martial artist, a designer, and an owner of MMA gym.

He was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan on January 5, 1968 as Shin'ichi Asahi (朝日 愼一, Asahi Shin'ichi).


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Mixed martial arts career

A former amateur wrestler, Asahi was trained in Satoru Sayama's Super Tiger Gym, where he learned shoot wrestling. He made his debut in Shooto in 1992 submitting Tomoyuki Saito. Showing his grappling excellence, Noboru captured the Shooto Featherweight Championship from Kazuhiro Sakamoto and enjoyed a thirteen-fights winning streak, with victories over Yuki Nakai and Masato Suzuki, as well as Brazilian grappler Leandro Lima de Azevedo.

His streak snapped, however, when he was sent to the 1996 Vale Tudo Japan and fought Brazilian jiu-jitsu specialist Royler Gracie. Asahi was taken down and held in side control, ending with Gracie taking his back; Noboru eventually escaped, but the game repeated itself and he got caught in a rear naked choke, being submitted. At the next Shooto event, he lost to Alexandre Franca Nogueira by technical submission due to Nogueira's famed guillotine choke. Noboru did better in the next VTJ, fighting to a draw with another BJJ expert in the form of João Roque, but he fell again to Nogueira in a much longer fight, losing his title.

In 2001, Asahi retired from Shooto and founded the Tokyo Yellowmans gym.

Mixed martial arts record

Mixed martial arts exhibition record

Submission grappling record

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