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Peter, Pete or Petey Williams may refer to:


  • Peter Williams (alpine skier) (born 1983), New Zealand para-alpine sit-skier
  • Peter Williams (Australian footballer born 1867) (1867–1949), former VFL footballer for Carlton
  • Peter Williams (Australian footballer born 1944), former VFL footballer for Fitzroy
  • Peter Williams (Australian footballer born 1957), former VFL footballer for Richmond
  • Peter Williams (Irish cricketer) (1897–1971), Irish cricketer, played for Sussex and several other teams in England
  • Peter Williams (Australian cricketer) (born 1942), Australian cricketer, played four first-class cricket matches for Victoria 1965–66
  • Peter Williams (businessman) (born 1974), British co-founder, Jack Wills
  • Peter Williams (South African cricketer) (1957-2014), South African cricketer
  • Peter Williams (cyclist) (born 1986), British racing cyclist
  • Peter Williams (English footballer) (born 1931), former association footballer
  • Peter Williams (motorcyclist) (born 1945), participant in the Isle of Man TT, 1967
  • Peter Williams (English rugby player) (born 1958), rugby union and rugby league footballer
  • Peter Williams (New Zealand rugby union player) (1884–1976), rugby union international
  • Peter Williams (swimmer) (born 1968), from South Africa
  • Pete Williams (basketball) (born 1965), American professional basketball player
  • Pete Williams (fighter) (born 1975), American mixed martial arts fighter
  • Petey Williams (born 1981), professional wrestler


  • Sir Peter Williams (physicist) (born 1945), former chairman of Oxford Instruments; Chancellor, University of Leicester
  • Peter Williams (educationalist) (born 1948), former Chief Executive of the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA)
  • Sir Peter Williams (lawyer) (1934–2015), New Zealand jurist
  • Peter Williams (broadcaster) (born 1954), New Zealand television presenter
  • Peter Williams (actor) (born 1957), Jamaican actor
  • Peter Williams (Medal of Honor) (1831–?), American Civil War sailor
  • Peter Williams, a fictional character of Titans
  • Peter D. Williams (born 1939), retired United States Marine Corps general and an aviator
  • Peter Francis Williams, Australian astronomer
  • Peter Llewellyn Williams (born 1964), British stage and television actor
  • Peter Damian Williams (born 1957), Australian author and military historian
  • Pete Williams (journalist) (born 1952), NBC News television correspondent
  • Peter Williams, Jr. (1780–1840), African-American Episcopal priest
  • Peter Bailey Williams (1763–1836), Welsh Anglican priest and amateur antiquarian
  • Harrison A. Williams (1919–2001), also known as Pete Williams, U.S. senator from New Jersey
  • Peter Williams (dance critic) (1914–1995), ballet critic and writer

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