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Robert Berry is an American guitarist, vocalist and producer, best known for his work with Hush, 3 with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer, Ambrosia, Alliance, and Los Tres Gusanos. He is currently with the Greg Kihn Band


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Berry came into the spotlight in 1988, when he teamed with Keith Emerson and Carl Palmer (of Emerson, Lake & Palmer fame) and formed the band 3. Their only album, To the Power of Three, drew much criticism for its radio-friendly and polished 80's sound, considering the progressive pedigree of both Emerson and Palmer. 3 disbanded in 1989 after a successful tour supporting the album. The first single released from the album, Talkin' Bout, penned by Berry, reached #9 on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Tracks chart.

Since the dissolution of 3, Berry has participated in several projects, including Tales from Yesterday, a tribute album to Yes. He was also involved in an abortive follow-up to GTR in which he replaced Steve Hackett. Material from this project and an unreleased second 3 album appeared on Berry's solo album Pilgrimage to a Point. Berry's current band Alliance is composed of Gary Pihl from the band Boston on guitar, David Lauser from the Sammy Hagar Band on drums and Alan Fitzgerald from Night Ranger on keyboards. Berry also has contributed songs to a number of film soundtracks, including the Anthony Michael Hall film Out of Bounds. In 1999, Berry produced and performed on The Wheel of Time, an album billed as a soundtrack to the Robert Jordan fantasy series The Wheel of Time. He is currently (as of 2010) the bassist for the Greg Kihn Band. He also works as a record producer.

Berry organizes dozens of sessions and tribute albums to bands such as Rush, Pink Floyd, Genesis, and Jethro Tull. He is also the leader of December People, which has produced four albums of Christmas music arranged in the style of various classic or progressive rock artists and performs these arrangements around the holidays.

In June 2015 a song Robert Berry produced, “Telephone Line” for indie singer-songwriter Julianna "Jules" Pollifrone, was used on NBC News during singer Taylor Swift’s admonishment of Apple in support of independent artists and songwriters.


    • Back to Back (1985)
    • Pilgrimage to a Point (1992)
    • In These Eyes (1994)
    • Takin' it Back (1995)
  • A Soundtrack for the Wheel of Time (1999)
  • The Dividing Line (2008)

with Hush

  • Hush (1979)
    • Hush Hot Tonight (1982)

with 3

  • To the Power of Three (1988)

with Alliance

  • Alliance (1997)
  • Missing Piece (1999)
  • Destination Known (2007)
  • Road to Heaven (2008)

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