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Thomas Murphy may refer to:


  • 1 Politicians
  • 2 Military
  • 3 Media and arts
  • 4 Sports
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  • Tom Murphy (Georgia politician) (1924–2007), American politician from the U.S. state of Georgia
  • Tom Murphy (Newfoundland politician) (born 1937), Newfoundland politician
  • Thomas Alexander Murphy (1885–?), politician in Ontario, Canada
  • Thomas Gerow Murphy (1883–1971), Canadian politician
  • Thomas J. Murphy (politician) (1861–1933), Newfoundland lawyer and politician
  • Thomas J. Murphy, Jr. (born 1944), Democratic politician from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • Thomas Murphy (Collector) (1821–1901), Collector of the Port of New York, 1870–1871
  • Thomas Murphy (Australian politician) (1906–1978), member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly
  • Thomas W. Murphy, Jr. (born 1942), American politician from the U.S. state of Maine


  • Thomas C. Murphy, American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Thomas J. Murphy (Medal of Honor), American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Thomas Murphy (Medal of Honor), American Civil War Medal of Honor recipient
  • Thomas Murphy (Medal of Honor, 1869), American Indian Wars Medal of Honor recipient
  • Thomas Murphy (VC) (1839–1900), Irish recipient of the Victoria Cross

Media and arts

  • Tom Murphy (artist) (born 1949), English artist
  • Tom Murphy (actor) (1968–2007), Irish theatre and film actor
  • Tom Murphy, luthier known for the Gibson "Tom Murphy" aged guitars
  • Tom Murphy (playwright) (born 1935), Irish dramatist
  • Tommy Murphy (Australian playwright) (born 1979), Australian playwright
  • Thomas Murphy (broadcasting) (born 1925), American broadcast executive
  • Thomas Murphy (journalist), British-born journalist
  • Thomas Francis Murphy (actor), American actor


  • Thomas Murphy Baseball outfielder (born 1988) Hometown Mahopac, New York
  • Tom Murphy (American football) (1900–1986), player in the National Football League
  • Tom Murphy (athlete) (born 1935), American former middle distance runner
  • Tom Murphy (catcher) (born 1991), professional baseball catcher
  • Tom Murphy (pitcher) (born 1945), former professional baseball pitcher
  • Tommy Murphy (baseball) (born 1979), Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Tom Murphy (chess player), homeless chess player in Dupont Circle, Washington, D.C.
  • Tom Murphy (fighter) (born 1974), American mixed martial artist
  • Thomas Murphy (footballer) (born 1986), Australian rules footballer for Hawthorn and the Gold Coast
  • Tommy Murphy (Australian footballer) (1903–1958), Australian rules footballer for South Melbourne
  • Tom Murphy (footballer) (born 1991), English footballer for Farnborough
  • Tommy Murphy (Gaelic footballer) (1921–1985), Gaelic footballer for County Laois, Ireland
  • Tom Murphy (hurler) (born 1943), Irish retired hurler
  • Torpedo Billy Murphy (Thomas William Murphy, 1863–1939), boxer from New Zealand


  • Thomas W. Murphy (American Samoa judge) (1935–1992), Associate Chief Justice of the High Court of American Samoa
  • Thomas W. Murphy (Illinois judge) (born 1953), judge in the Cook County Circuit Court, Chicago
  • Thomas Francis Murphy (1905–1995), federal prosecutor and judge in New York City
  • Thomas Murphy (chairman) (1915–2006), former CEO of General Motors
  • Thomas Joseph Murphy (1932–1997), American bishop in the Catholic Church
  • Thomas Austin Murphy (1911–1981), American clergyman of the Roman Catholic Church
  • Thomas W. Murphy (anthropologist) (born 1967), Environmental Anthropologist and Latter Day Saint writer
  • Tom Murphy (physicist), astrophysicist
  • Thomas M. Murphy (1926–2002), U.S. postmaster whose alertness may have saved the life of US President-elect, John F. Kennedy
  • Thomas Murphy (Irish republican) (born 1949), reported former Chief of Staff of the Provisional IRA paramilitary group
  • Thomas E. Murphy, American educator

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